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XotikPlay is a powerful force with over 20 different sub-brands encompassing new technology and ideas.  We create greater recreational possibilities and provide a finer quality of life through one of a kind products and services. We are growing in all directions from casual to custom tailored fashion, travel and real estate, fine cuisine, game rooms, Xotik pool tables and swimming pools, rare reptile breeds, crypto-currencies, traditional and alternative energy motorsports, bio-fuels, business, education, nutrition, and so much more.  This is a powerful team bringing back the basic concepts of knowledge, truth, and respect to the ever yearning, rapidly evolving human species. Built on a genuine old school belief system with a seriously hardcore creative thirst for life as we know it here on Earth and beyond.


Eco-preneur at heart with a fierce passion to live, XotikPlay was created for the truly genuine that really enjoy advanced living tactics and adventrous lifestyles with a touch of class that can’t be surpassed.  The term “Extreme” is seriously out dated now and completely over saturated throughout the world.  We are a new generation on the quest for life and growing Xperiences, so prepare yourself for a new professional paradigm shift that is here to stay and obviously here to Play.  Game On ;-)

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